Thursday, 29 July 2010

Welcome to the Retrometropolitan.

Welcome to The Retrometropolitan. It is the greedy little sister of another blog and has been set up to feature reviews and thoughts about establishments largely, but not entirely in London. The author was born and bred in London from a family full of butchers cooks and bakers. Retrometropolitan has been a waiter, a chef, a cocktail bartender and was on the wine tasting team of a venerable old university.

The reviews and descriptions here are intended to give a personal view of what a place is ‘like’a vague term that encompasses food, service, atmosphere and looks. A particular bias will be towards individualistic and distinctive places. Retrometropolitan is not concerned with modern fashion, could not give a plastic monkey where her polenta comes from and is unconcerned with celebrity chefs. Her inclinations are retro and vintage but she loves her grub and is often drunker than she should be.

Views are entirely personal, may strike some as being un-pc and may be opinionated. The hope is however to be helpful and contribute to some one else’s good dinner, lunch or even early morning kebab. If anyone disagrees with my views they are welcome to contact me. If you wish to have your establishment honestly described, again contact me. If a review by someone else is featured it will be by someone I personally know and whose judgement I trust. Comments are very welcome.

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